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Leo is currently 10 weeks old. We’re not sure exactly what his birthday is since he was left at the shelter in a box, so we’ll stick with 10 weeks. Every week since we’ve had him (and every week until he’s 1) I plan to take his photo in this exact spot to watch him […]

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If you follow me over on Facebook or Instagram, then you probably saw that there was a new addition to the family recently. If you haven’t, Tommy and I decided to rescue a puppy that was left on the doorstep with his 2 siblings at a local animal shelter. It wasn’t a spur of the […]

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   A couple of weeks ago, I attended a photography conference in Santa Barbara called UNITED. It is a photography conference for a fantastic group of people who come together from all over the place to share ideas, listen to photographers speak, teach, learn, and get fired up for the upcoming wedding season. I drove […]

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