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Life of Ryan

I started working when I was 14 at my dad’s motorcycle shop restocking supplies and cleaning the warehouse. It was only a summer job…something to keep me busy while I wasn’t in school. I was really into video games so I had to make money to support my habit, obviously.

When I was 16 I landed my first job at a restaurant as a dishwasher. Exciting right!? I quickly learned that I didn’t enjoy that AT ALL so I worked hard scrubbin’ those dishes and was transferred up to front of house. Can you believe I chose a dishwasher position over being a pizza maker? I think was afraid I’d mess up the pizza’s or be too slow during busy times.

I worked in the restaurant industry through high school, college, and a couple of years after college while I tried to grow my photography business. A little over a year ago, I quit the restaurant industry and transitioned into full time photographer and didn’t look back. I was a nervous wreck at first. Could you blame me? It’s really tough not knowing what your income and stability is going to look like. I thought, “I could always go back to waiting tables if things didn’t pan out or get an office job”…but I couldn’t see myself sitting at a desk all day. I kept telling myself that the positives would eventually weigh out the negatives and that this is what I was meant to do. So get to work b*tch! (Britney reference)

Fast forward to today.

On Saturday I completed my busiest wedding season of my career – 31 amazing weddings with 31 beautiful couples. As I packed up my camera gear, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude came over me. In all honesty, I couldn’t believe it! Much like a wedding day, it all goes by really fast. I absolutely love what I do but throughout this past year I’ve had moments of weakness. Some days I felt like I couldn’t handle the pressure. Some days I felt like I wanted to quit. Some days I felt like crying. Some days I felt like going back to waiting tables. But now as my wedding year comes to a close, I couldn’t be more happier and grateful to say that I am a full time wedding photographer.


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