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It was the middle of summer last year when I heard about this particular bridal show. I thought it might be a good thing for me to experience since I’ve never done one and also maybe get to meet some pretty cool people along the way! So I signed up and started thinking about what I wanted my booth to look like. 
I started doing some research and came to the conclusion that I wanted my booth to be an extension of my website and blog. Both my website and blog have a wooden background to fit the natural element of my last name, “Greenleaf” so it would be fitting to have a similar wooden backdrop for the show. I knew the task ahead would take some construction skills so I enlisted the help of my brother in law, who used to build houses, and my sister, who is one of the craftiest people I know. Without the two of them, this entire thing wouldn’t have came out the way it did and I am so incredibly thankful for their help. 
We had a couple of “design” meetings where we talked about what I wanted my booth to be and then we made our way to home depot for supplies. 
First step was the structure. We used plumbing piping to construct the bones of the booth, then purchased a couple different variations of fence boards and was lucky enough that my dad found an old crate we could use. Stain was also part of the materials so that the wood wouldn’t be all one color. 

These two really worked hard in making this a successful booth. Dave constructed the entire thing while I like to call my sister the “Creative Director” in this process. I had a general idea in my mind of what I wanted it to look like and she took it a step further. Incredibly thankful for the both of them.

The photo on the left is the wall halfway done with one shelving unit. There’s just enough spacing between the wood on the backdrop so that a tiny plank of wood can fit in perfectly. The photo on the right was my sisters idea. I was originally going to purchase some sort of sign to hang on the backdrop but with a scrap of wood from my grandparents house, my sister came up with the idea of tracing my logo with a wood burning tool. This was followed by staining it to match my colors which you’ll see in the final outcome.

More behind the scenes photos of the wall being constructed. The wall came in 4 different panels. Then, like tetris, slid 2 of the panels together to make the 8′ wide wall. We did the same for the bottom 2.

After the wall was built, I got an idea of what kind of prints could go on the wall and the layout I wanted to do. Picking out prints for the wedding show was a lot harder than I thought!

Finally, it was show day. The booth took about 45 min-an hour to set up. The photo on the left were handouts of branded gum. I mean, people were going around talking to other people all day…who wouldn’t like a piece of gum?? On the right is myself in my booth area at the show. I was a little nervous at first being that it was my first show but as the day went on, I got a little more comfortable talking to brides.

A photo of the completed booth!

During my research, I found out that it was a good idea to get information from brides that come by your booth. I found the best way to go about that was to give away an engagement session! That’s the photo on the left. The photo on the right is what I used on my shelves. I bought succulents from Ikea and brought an old camera from my old camera collection. Again, bringing in the natural elements.

On the left, my smart and talented sister. My best.

Here a photo of just the wall.

Some more details of the booth. Something I wish I would have done was bring my own flooring or wood because I wasn’t particularly fond of the carpet. I don’t think that phased any brides that came by since it was everywhere but looking back at the photos, aesthetically would have been more pleasing.

I even had a bride and groom of mine stop by! Carrie + Jon 

All in all, it was an awesome show! I met a lot of great people planning amazing weddings and I couldn’t have done it without my sister or brother in law. Would I do it again? It’s still too early to tell but it was definitely a fun experience!

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