Lakeside Wedding at Edgewood Golf Course in South Lake Tahoe


My 10 year class reunion is coming up this weekend and all I can think about is how un-cool I was in high school. I was a drama geek. I loved acting, I loved singing. I still do! However my acting skills are only put to the test if I’m trying to get out of a ticket or if I’m responsible for keeping someone occupied for their surprise birthday party.

High school is how I met Evan. We were in plays together and he was quite the actor himself! It wasn’t until a wedding I photographed (hey Ana + Patrick!) where I met Hannah. They weren’t engaged at the time but that changed soon after the wedding.

At their engagement session I really got to know the both of them as a couple. Hannah is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet and I could tell Evan thought the world of her. They chose the picturesque Lake Tahoe to say their I Do’s and Hannah donned 2 dressed for her wedding. The first one was worn by her mother and grandmother and the second was for the reception.
Edgewood Wedding_0001Edgewood Wedding_0002Edgewood Wedding_0003Edgewood Wedding_0004

Hannah + Evan opted for a first look just by the lake..

Edgewood Wedding_0005Edgewood Wedding_0006

Here is hannah, followed by her mother, and grandmother wearing the same dress.

Edgewood Wedding_0007Edgewood Wedding_0008Edgewood Wedding_0009Edgewood Wedding_0010

Hannah + Evan’s photos weren’t complete without their 4 legged companion…

Edgewood Wedding_0013Edgewood Wedding_0012Edgewood Wedding_0014Edgewood Wedding_0015Edgewood Wedding_0016Edgewood Wedding_0017Edgewood Wedding_0018Edgewood Wedding_0019Edgewood Wedding_0020Edgewood Wedding_0021Edgewood Wedding_0022Edgewood Wedding_0023Edgewood Wedding_0024Edgewood Wedding_0025Edgewood Wedding_0026Edgewood Wedding_0027Edgewood Wedding_0028Edgewood Wedding_0029Edgewood Wedding_0030Edgewood Wedding_0031Edgewood Wedding_0032Edgewood Wedding_0033Edgewood Wedding_0034Edgewood Wedding_0035Edgewood Wedding_0036

Edgewood Lake Tahoe Wedding | Hannah + Evan team:

Venue: Edgewood Lake Tahoe

Florist: Camino Flower Shop

Cake: D’Agostini’s Delights

DJ: All About the Music

Second Shooter: Kristen Smith


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  1. Judy Mayfield says:

    Beautiful couple and lovely photography.

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