Land Park Engagement Photos in Sacramento, CA


Christina and Nick met in their freshman year of college when they were both attending UC Santa Barbara. It was in a dorm room with mutual friends when their first meeting happened. Later, after recognizing each other at a college party, they began to talk more and eventually exchanged numbers. They dated throughout their college years and when the time came to graduate, Christina and Nick went back to their home towns and continued their relationship. After a year of having a long distance relationship, Nick realized he hated being far away from Christina and made the move up to Northern California to be with her. He knew Christina was his future and wanted to do anything to be close to her.

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P.S. It was Nick’s birthday on the day of our shoot…Happy Birthday Nick!

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  1. Chris Spring says:

    What I Love in the photos the most is that they can be remade for whatever we want. Even a picture of an old men can be transformed into an real alien! You can see how it can be done here

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