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I think it was Thanksgiving of last year when my Grandfather, who I call Papa, showed me this photo of a young man holding his shotgun with his dog by his side. This photo was super old and had to have been photographed before world war 2. Unfortunately, there was no date on the image.

My Papa is 89 years young and later this year will be turning 90. Born in 1925, he’s lived through a lot and has seen many changes in the world. He’s a Veteran of world war 2, retired fire chief, and so much more. Just to give you a little scale…in 1925, The Great Gatsby novel was first published, scotch tape was invented, Hitler published his manifesto Mein Kampf, and the first female governor in the United States was elected. Pretty nuts how far things have come since then.

So, when he showed me this photo, it represented a time where the man would go out (and hunt in this particular situation) to provide food for his family. Being a hunter himself, this photo sort of hit home for my Papa as a representation of when he hunted and provided food. Always with a hunting dog by his side.

What did we do? We re-created the image with my Papa (and Max) as the subjects…


Papa - Ryan Greenleaf Photography

…and I think it turned out pretty rad.

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